Outlander costumes - fashion inspiration

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If you're an Outlander fan with even the slightest interest in the show's costumes, Terry Dresbach's blog is required reading.

She's costume designer for the show, and through her blog she illuminates the huge amounts of work required to pull the costumes together, and the compromises needed to balance historical accuracy with the practicalities of filming.

As well as insights into her life and work in Scotland, her blog features tons of photos, sketches, design concepts and research. There's also a great post where she answers a criticism about authenticity and the validity of her research.

Now, while pannier skirts and stiffened stays won't be making a comeback any time soon, some of the knitted accessories are highly covetable.

There's an official Outlander store, but at the moment it's not very exciting fashion-wise.

You'll have a much more fruitful time if you wander over to Etsy.com. If you're crafty, you'll find lots of patterns, but if not, you can take advantage of someone else's talents.

The various scarves, capelets and armwarmers you'll find are perfect for adding a rustic or outdoorsy touch to an outfit. Keep the colours earthy and autumnal for this look though.

Outlander returns to screens on Starz in the US on April 4.
Outlander-inspired cable-knit armwarmers, approx €29, from Etsy shop owner TigerTigerKnits

Capelet/scarf, approx €44, from Etsy store owner KnitPlayLove