Drape front blouses: fabulously flattering

18:55 Martha Mathews 0 Comments

Now, this is a trend I can get on board with.

Drape front tops or blouses can look effortlessly cool if you dress them down with a pair of skinny jeans, or totally chic and professional if you team with a pencil skirt and heels.

Not only that, but they're super flattering and easy to wear. And as they're all over the high street, you won't be short of options.

Topshop has a great range of long and short sleeved tops, including versions for tall girls, petite girls, and even mums-to-be. (This makes me wonder why Topshop don't have a plus size range. As far as I know, sizes only go up to a 16.)

I love this dusty lavender shade.  Unfortunately it's out of stock online, but I did see it in-store just yesterday - might be one to snap up if you see it?

River Island have so many gorgeous pieces in-store at the moment, I want to go crazy and buy them all.

They've tweaked by look by adding a high round neck and cheeky keyhole detail.

They've also got some brightly coloured sleeveless versions.

However, my love of natural fabrics means I'd probably lean towards one of All Saints's offerings: either the silk Lucas shirt or Abi top (sleeveless here).

Abi gets bonus points for the quirky asymmetric shirt hem.

If you're feeling flush and really want to push the boat out, you could splash out on this designer number from Lanvin. Just €790 at Net-a-Porter.

Well, until I win the EuroMillions, I think I'll be heading to Topshop.