Not sure about this trend

20:33 Martha Mathews 0 Comments

Fashionistas, if you've been paying any attention at all, you'll know there's a massive 1970s vibe coming through for Spring-Summer 2015. Boho is back, flares return, and denim is everything.

As part of this though, there's a micro-trend I'm really not sure about. At all.

I'm calling it the "partly see-through pants with matching top look", which should be self-explanatory.

Without more ado, the photographic evidence.

Exhibit A-sos (geddit?): ASOS Crochet Flares

Okay, I admit I can kind of see this working as an Ibiza hippy look, but only if worn by a supermodel type whose beauty routine consists of coconut oil. You know - if you crossed Gisele Bundchen with Hollywood flower child Shailene Woodley.

Exhibit B: Topshop - Sheer Striped Flared Trousers by Rare

This, however, I cannot understand at all.

If you can figure it out, please leave a comment.