And if you feel peckish after visiting Green-Wood...

21:00 Martha Mathews 0 Comments

To turn to matters more worldly, if you need to grab breakfast, lunch or something sweet for an energy boost,  you'll find Baked in Brooklyn nearby. Simply turn left out of the main gates from Green-Wood and cross the road.

The coffee is nothing special - like most New York coffee, I'm afraid - but the baked goods are amazing! Treat yourself to a sinfully good pastry or cupcake, or one of the many varieties of freshly baked bread.

For something more substantial, you can also grab a sandwich or salad from the fridge.
There are few seats at the window counter or on the solitary bench outside, otherwise get your goodies to go.

It's open 7am-7pm Monday through Saturday, but closes early on Sunday, at 4pm. If you get there shortly before closing, you'll probably be able to pick up some deals too...